The Mist

One of the best horror films I have seen in years. But then I don’t watch or even like alot of horror films.  In fact, with the exception of the odd Carpenter film, or Alien, I wouldn’t say I own any “horror” films on Dvvduh or VHS.

Yet the film (an adaptation of a King novella by Frank Darabont) succeeded, in my opinion, at drawing on a great number of archetypes and investing them with enough plausability, gravitas and humanity so as to really kick off an enjoyable film.  I continuallly see Thomas Jane in sub-par films performing sub-par material yet he is always, always top notch.  Someone should really give the man some higher profile roles.

The direction was taught, yet interesting and ever engaging, providing us with both our “hate” figures (a local evangelacist at the forefront of them) and the redeeming small-town stock characticures.  I remember reading an interview with Darabont a while back, and he mentioned his fear of being branded the industries premier King adaptor.  Well, he is.  But I see nothing derogatry about that when considering The Mist; for certain this is different from Shawshank or the Green Mile, but it is a well crafted adaptation.  It also has a spectacular ending.


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