Robert Downey Jr. Irons out the creases!

While obviously not as well known in some circles as the Man of Steel, the Tin man and of course the Quartz Rotter himself aka David Cameron, Iron Man has had an interesting and illustrious as a Marvel superhero, yet overshadowed by such pop culture idols as Spiderman and Wolverine. Finally, Tony Stark gets his own slice of the summer action!

This blockbuster season, Iron Man opens in cinemas. It’s one of the recent spate of reasonably well measured superhero films, albeit those have come from Marvel’s rivals DC rather than Marvel themselves. The reignition of the Batman franchise and the solid but underwhelming box office success of Superman Returns have shown that the Superhero movie can get some decent credentials on its side and deliver. I can only hope that the efforts shaping up for a summer release begin a lasting trend, because let’s face it, everyone loves a Superhero movie from time to time.


Iron Man couldn’t have got off to a better start than by signing the eclectric Roberty Downey Jr. as main man Tony Stark, while Marvel’s “other” summer release, The Incredible Hulk, managed to snap up Edward Norton. While the basic premise of Iron Man may not refrain critics from sniggering a bit (Rich man lives a playboy lifestyle, rich man gets kidnapped, rich man builds a robotic suit in captivity, rich man exacts revenge) the newly released trailer offers probably the best and least cringeworthy look at the film so far.

While throwaway Metal music still exists in the trailer (which means critics shake their heads and the idiot demographic gets their tits on) the use of AC/DC and Audioslave (used brilliantly in Collateral my Michael Mann) does get a thumbs up from me. Robert Downey Jr. seems a natural fit in the role of Stark, given his heavy dose of charisma and charm, while obviously he is able to handle the more dramatic, plot driven scenes. It’s Robert Downey Jr. for christs sake.

It has been confirmed that the character’s descent into depression and alchoholism (Stark, not Downey Jr.) will not show its face in Starks virgining heroic exploits this time round. Hopefully if Iron Man delivers and warrants a sequel (or makes enough doe) then hopefully we will get to see some of the more human attributes of Tony Stark.


Indeed, his flaws and battles with self depreciation, alchoholism and loss are what makes the man behind the suit relatively more interesting than, to pick an example, The Fantastic Four. Spiderman hit a niche and then a mainstream appeal because of its melodramatic dealings with teenage life; Peter Parker was a normal teenager with normal teenage problems. Iron Man strikes a different cord in itself, wrapping itself in a nervous shell of a grown man with problems that Peter Parker could never dream of. Obviously, Downey Jr. would nail the the more intrinsic, tragic nature of a man trapped behind a suit, welling up inside with self abuse and alchoholism. That is if he signed on for sequels.

The marketing team seem to have come up with a bit of a curious dilemma with the Iron Man title ident though.

ironmanident.jpgBlocky, dullen and square, the ident is not aesthetically pleasing. If this was the 80s/early 90s, I can see where they would be coming from, but the title neither has enough “rust” to make it interesting to the eye, nor shiny enough to evoke a more pleasing reaction. The choice of iron is hardly inspired, yet it could at least hold a greater hook than it does here. However, who am I to criticise an ident, especially if the film is generally good in the end. Let us hope it is.


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