Collateral Damage

A ride of thrills and kills – Michael Mann’s Collateral

Channel 4 (UK) have recently hit some form on their scheduling on Sunday nights; Kingdom of Heaven, a good if flawed Crusader epic from Sir Ridley Scott set the ball rolling and last Sunday it was the turn of Collateral, one of the best of cops and robbers maestro Michael Mann’s career. Collateral follows a taught, solid structure with an interesting premise: Max (Jamie Foxx in a role that works for a change) is a taxi driver with an optimistic notion that everything will work out in the end, and his life plan begins to fall into place when the “right” woman gets into his cab. Soon after exchanging numbers with the woman, Max picks up Vincent (Tom Cruise showing he still has those actings balls), a hitman with a proposition for Max that he cannot get out of. The acting is pitch perfect from the cast, also including Mark Ruffalo as a cop on the hunt of silver wolf killer, Vincent, but it really is the direction and cinematography, coupled with some of the songs from Mann’s always-interesting scores, that allow this to rise above familiar thriller material.

Case in point, this nightclub scene, using a lot of blue filters and soft lenses, with a killer remix of Paul Oakenfold’s Ready, Set, Go (Koeran I believe).



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