Bond Is Gunning For Scottish Independence!

According to retired actor and former James Bond, “Sir” Sean Connery, “Schottlund” will have independence by the end of his lifetime. Let’s hope he has a terrific accident and is kept alive for a few thousand years via suspended animation or even if he merely gets lost on the way to his Tax-evasive villa in Bahamas. Connery has not even lived in his homeland for years, and suddenly he is jumping on the bandwagon for Scottish independence. It seems like a perfect way to cover his hypocritical backside.


The 77 year old actor says Scotland is “within touching distance of independence,” according to BBCnews. Sir Sean Connery is one of the most high profile supporters of the Scottish National Party, whom many account with creating a distinct anti-Englishness sentiment (I had previously thought was simply a genetic trait within most of the Scottish population.) While many know that Anglo-Scottish relations can get a tad petty at times, especially with two Scottish MP’s registering their support to Germany via an online bid during the ’06 World Cup, even the SNP has been noted to be overly anglophobic by the general populace.

Connery is being incredibly cavalier about the situation however, being known to have made a few outspoken, unjustified and occasionally humurous quips in the past. These comments are also particuarly short sighted and impractical on his behalf, considering no other major parties in Scotland want independence or seperation. If the SNP winged it and managed to pass independence with a majority, they would shortly fall flat under the weight and pressure. The machine just isn’t ready to roll yet. While there is no problem with Scotland gaining equal representation, fully fledged independence is a tad ambitious on there behalf.


Comedian Billy Connelly, an avid Scot himself has declared that “Scottish Parliment is a joke.” While he may not be no political mastermind/spindoctor, I’m willing to take his word on this one. Scottish Parliment have decided after many referendums that Billy Connelly was in fact, taking the piss out of the Parliment, and they will soon begin voting as to he is taking the piss out of specifically.


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