Blair lends Rwanda a helping hand!

Tony Blair is to dish out his pockets and help Rwanda find the private investment it needs to get the economy started!

Of late, Former-MP-Mr.Blair has become an unseen commodity while he takes a good rest from scandals and contreversy. His last few months in 10 Downing Street were a tad muted as the kefuffle with his Chanceoller and supreme-arch-nemesis took the pages of the Sensationalist Daily Mail by storm but his New Labour legacy lives on with the Tories forced to walk on the extreme right side of the road, the Lib Dems. vying for any poltical space at all and his own party taking the firm middle ground.

But not content with leaving a poltical legacy that I am sure I will look back on with fondness, he seems to be striving to make some difference elsewhere in the world, where it counts. Obviously having the Lord of Spin himself on your side is enough to strenghten any regime in Africa, but let us hope he does a good job.


According to the ever persistent, yet ever in flux BBCnews:

“[Blair] has made his first visit to the central African country since offering himself as an unpaid adviser to its president, Paul Kagame.

Mr Blair will now use his international status to promote the opportunities on offer there to foreign investors.

Rwanda is trying to recover from the 1994 genocide, when some 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus were killed.

Mr Blair told a press conference in the Rwandan capital, Kigali, that it was an “exciting” time to be engaged with the country’s development.”

He has had a number of meetings with Mr.Kagame since he left office, perhaps a few intrepid jamming sessions on his guitar too; think Dire Straits meets Earth, Wind and Fire. No doubt the Conservatives will feel the need to get one back at Golden Boy Blair, yet I don’t think we can expect old Jeffrey Archer to pack his bags and set off for Iraq anytime soon. We would sooner have David Cameron pitching a remake of Birth of a Nation to the BFI, or M&S for that fact, the daft git.


In other news, not content with a fat check as it is, MP’s have been into the kitty again. Tory MP Derek Conway gave his student son £40,000 under the guise that he was a “Parlimentary Researcher.” Now, not that the Tories are in anyway hypocritical, of course not, but have they not complained that Students spend most of their Student Loans boozing around in what has strangely been called a boozing epidemic? And yet an MP off loads his son illegally with Forty grand? That’s alot of shots on student nights.

Hypocrisy, yes?


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